Induction systems
for the hearing impaired


Corresponding international standards

Safe for people and environment

Easy to install and use

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In our assortment you will find induction system for any room from small rooms to large halls

Our induction loop equipment is absolutely safe for the environment and human health.
The range of Aurica products includes various systems, which can be installed at home or at public facilities. Installation of induction loops allows hearing impaired people to better perceive information and orient themselves in acoustic environment without an additional receiver or extra power consumption by the hearing aid. When installed in public places, induction loops satisfy the needs of a number of individuals with reduced ranges of hearing at one time. This enables the companies and organizations to improve their communication with hearing impaired people and to save their time, money and efforts.

Where to use induction loop systems?

Large halls

Interception of sounds coming from loudspeakers is very challenging for hearing aids. In this case special equipment should be used to improve sound perception.

Lines and waiting areas

Hearing impaired people, like everyone else, from time to time have to wait in lines and do not want to miss their turn. If waiting areas are equipped with induction loop systems, it will contribute to more comfortable waiting conditions for everybody.

Emergency alert

In premises not equipped with induction loops, a hearing aid wearer will not hear an emergency signal transmitted over PA system.

Theatres and cinemas

Install induction loops in cinemas and theatres to provide a possibility for hearing impaired people to watch movies and theatre performances.

Lecture halls and conference rooms

If an induction loop is not installed in the lecture hall, hard of hearing attendees cannot hear the lecturer who uses microphone and speakers to be better heard.

Bus stations, terminals and airports

Induction loop systems are installed at bus stations, terminals and airports to increase the comfort of people with hearing loss.ь служат
адаптации вокзалов, аэропортов, под людей,
чей порог восприятия снижен из-за
ограничений по слуху.

How it works

Hearing aids have two modes: microphone and telecoil (T-mode). Having switched their hearing aids to T-mode, hard of hearing people hear only the signal transmitted by the induction loop.


A person enters the room equipped with an induction loop


An induction loop amplifier converts the acoustic signal into electric current, generating a magnetic field


The hearing aid switched to T-mode converts the magnetic field back into acoustic signal


A hearing impaired person can hear the transmitted signal

Completed projects

Taking part in the pilot project of the government program Barrier Free Environment in the Republic of Tatarstan, Aurica equipped over 300 administrative buildings and other social facilities with induction loop systems.

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Aurica Ltd. was established in 2007. Today, the company has a great wealth of experience in implementing the government program Barrier Free Environment in all the regions of Russia. This is one of the leading companies on hearing aid market.

Since 2011, Aurica has been producing and installing induction loop systems for people with hearing loss. The company supplies special equipment to airports and railway stations, health care centers, resorts, educational institutions, and etc.

The Aurica product assortment is renewed all the time, as we see our goal in offering our customers the possibility to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies

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