Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Aurica CPS-100

  • Coverage area: up to 340 m2;
  • These loop amplifiers comply with the international standard IEC 60118-4;
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Aurica CPS-100

(Русский) Заполните форму, чтобы узнать, сколько будет
стоить установка индукционной катушки в этой комплектации. Вы можете выбрать сопутствующие услуги по доставке и установке.

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These are fully balanced induction loop systems with two loop configurations ensuring smooth field strength and little interference problem with reinforcement and other metal structures even at high frequencies.

They allow almost no vertical and horizontal overspill, provide smooth field strength level within the whole frequency range, and maintain transmission both horizontally and vertically.