Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Domodedovo Airport

Within the framework of the Barrier-Free Environment government program, Aurica Ltd. installed assistive induction loop systems for hearing-impaired people in 9 zones of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.
The induction loop systems installed in Domodedovo Airport by Aurica Ltd. work with individual hearing aids equipped with telecoil. The systems comply with the requirements of the Russian state standards (GOST) and international quality standards, and absolutely safe for the environment and human health. They are integrated into the automatic announcement system of Domodedovo Airport.
– Domodedovo Airport creates a comfortable environment for all categories of passengers, – says Igor Borisov, Director of Domodedovo Airport. – In this particular case we speak about an innovative system which significantly improves the quality of services provided to passengers having hearing impairment.
According to the data of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, at least 8% of Russian people suffer from hearing loss (approx. 13 mln. people). Moreover, the experts report that the number of people with hearing loss has been steadily increasing worldwide in recent times.
– This is the first time in Russia when an induction loop system was installed at a public venue in general and an airport in particular, – said Stanislav Ivanov, the Vice-President of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf. – We support the initiative of Domodedovo Airport and express our hope that other airports, train and bus stations, banks, schools, and other public facilities will adopt this experience.