Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Republican Special Library for Visually Impaired People (State Institution)

In our country life of a physically challenged person is full of difficulties as the percentage of accessible environments remains extremely low – only 5-15% of socially significant facilities may be referred to as ‘barrier-free’, and the needs of hearing and visually impaired people are hardly ever taken into account when designing new facilities.
Slowly but surely this situation is changing for the better, and special facilities for people with disabilities are being opened – a good example is the library with an extensive book collection (over 35,000 books) for the blind and visually impaired people, which has been opened in Kazan recently. The library is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment aimed to make lives of physically challenged people easier, more eventful and entertaining.
Aurica Ltd. equipped the library with professional induction loop systems enabling the hearing impaired people to feel more comfortable and get rid of an unpleasant feeling that they miss something important. As is well-known, noises in crowded places hamper the listening process for people with reduced ranges of hearing. Loop systems is an ideal solution for the places where several hearing impaired people may be present at the same time.