Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Triumph Universal Sports Complex

Paralympic movement is gaining popularity in the Republic of Tatarstan. Triumph Sports Complex, opened to the public in Kazan in May 2010 and satisfying all the requirements of international standards, is perfectly accessible for people with disabilities. In this sports complex they organize numerous festivals for physically challenged people, senior citizens and people with reduced mobility, and enroll the participants in the local paralympic games. Triumph is perfectly fit to the needs of all visitors.
In this sports complex our company installed a professional induction loop system so that hearing impaired people could feel comfortable there, lead an active lifestyle, take part in sports competitions and attend sports events.
As is well-known, noises in crowded places, especially in a sports complex where it is very noisy during sporting events, hamper the listening process for people with reduced ranges of hearing. Loop system is a perfect solution for such places. Due to this assistive listening technology, it won’t be anymore a challenge for people with hearing loss to perceive information.