Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Vnukovo Airport

Moscow Vnukovo Airport has become more comfortable for hearing impaired passengers!
To enhance the quality of services rendered at the airport to physically challenged passengers, Aurica Ltd. equipped several information counters with loop systems so that people with reduced hearing could talk easily with airport staff even in very noisy environments.
Induction loops have the following operating principle: the voice sound is received by external or built-in microphone, and then the amplifier and integrated telecoil convert the acoustic signal into a magnetic field which is picked up by the telecoil of the hearing aid. Users need to switch their hearing aids to T-mode and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Today, most hearing aids switch to T-coil mode automatically.
For passengers’ convenience, special pictograms are placed within the range of the induction field.
The Administration of Vnukovo airport signed an Agreement on Cooperation with the All-Russian Society of Disabled People. Now, the parties will cooperate to create comfortable travel conditions for passengers with disabilities. This Agreement, which will remain effective for five years, stipulates that the parties undertake to act jointly to provide the accessibility of services and high quality of air-passenger operations at Vnukovo airport for physically challenged passengers (according to the Russian TVC Channel).