Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

About company

The company Aurica is a manufacturer of technical devices of rehabilitation for people with disabilities, that arranges supply and adaptation of equipment for complex of buildings and other social and commercial premises as per Accessible Environment program.
We offer induction systems of different power degree, emergency alert systems, staff call buttons, hand rails and anti-slip coatings, mobile stair lifts and ramps, informational light displays, informational terminals, FM-systems for educational institutions etc
Aurica manufactures reliable and high quality hearing aids with wide price range and first-class characteristics. Since 2011 Aurica started realization of packages providing accessibility in different buildings.
At present time Aurica has installed induction systems of different power degree in Moscow airports Domodedovo and Vnukovo, as well as carried out operations in more than 300 premises in Tatarstan.
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