Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Aurica HS-3

  • Coverage area: up to 450 m2;
  • The latest generation of induction loop amplifiers;
  • Aurica HS can be used in lecture rooms, classrooms, places of worship, departure lounges and other larger areas;
  • Aurica HS loop drivers are the most efficient professional induction loop amplifiers;
  • Aurica HS loop drivers use an electronic transformer, the energy conservation efficiency of which amounts to 90%. The level of energy loss in regular power units is 8-9 times higher;
  • These loop amplifiers comply with the international standard IEC 60118-4;
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Aurica HS-3

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Aurica HS loop drivers produce crystal sounds, which cannot be produced when traditional toroidal transformers are used as they do not prevent nonlinear distortion.

Aurica HS loop drivers are fitted with self-diagnostics tools, which allow to control the integrity of input connections, AGC, power preamplifier and amplifier, and operability of the induction loop.

Built-in signal generator, being a part of self-diagnostics system, can be used for the adjustment of output level if other signal sources are not available.

Aurica HS loop drivers are equipped with the unique parametric Metal Loss Correction system, which allows to correct the distortions proper and not to uniformly increase a part of the frequency spectrum


features can be added or changed to fit even the most demanding tasks