Induction systems
for the hearing impaired

Kazan State Circus

In the course of over 100 years of its history, Kazan State Circus experienced numerous highs and lows. Every year it is changing for the better. First, it was an unusual building for those times, which was called, not without reason, ‘a building of the 21st century’.
In those days, such shape of buildings was quite uncommon, especially for amusement facilities. A ‘plate’ standing on 289 piles was the first concrete monolith 23 meters high and 65 meters in diameter. The circus could seat as many as 2,500 spectators. It is the first circus with two arenas and all utility rooms located in the main building and not on the adjacent territory.
Today, Kazan Circus is among the few entertainment facilities where Aurica loop systems were installed enabling hearing impaired children and adults enjoy the performances and receive information with no distortion of sound.
Aurica professional induction loop system is an optimal solution for this type of premises. The increased capacity and frequency response of these systems allow to achieve high quality of sound, reduce the probability of sound quality deterioration in the center of the induction loop, and avoid interference created by metal structures.